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Bimarhane (place of cure) : It is a unique building that remains from İlhanlı Period to nowadays. Is was built for the name of the Sultan Mehmet Olcaytu, Ruler of İlhanlı State and his wife Ilduz Hatun at the year of 1308. Especially front side of the building is valuable by perspective of artistic values. On the shackle stone of gate there is an human relief that kneel down, it is a peculiar property only seen at Amasya Bimarhane building.

Sultan Bayezıt II Kulliye (Center) : Kulliye constructed in the name of Sultan Bayezit II in 1485 – 86; is composed of mosque, theology school, charitable establishment, monument and şadırvan (water tank with a fountain). Old plane tress at the level of both minarets, are estimated to be as old as kulliye.

Amasya Mosques

Gök Medrese Mosque (Center) :
Gök Medrese Mosque, deemed to be constructed in Amasya (1267) by one of the governors of the Seljuk Empire, Torumtay, is a structure with three cupolas, covered with dome and vaults, reaching to the depths with a certain shape. Its hewn stone architecture, have a serious, sedate style with its ratios and simple adornments. Long entrance division of the mosque is used as theology school.

Burmalı Minare Mosque (Center) : It was constructed by Vizier Ferruh and his brother Haznedar Yusuf during Seljuk Sultan, Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev II in 1237 and 1247. Classical octagonal shaped Seljuk vault adjacent to the left side wall of the entrance and wringling minaret added afterwards are the certain characteristics of the mosque.


Seven Swan Bird Sanctuary (Yedikır Dam) : Seven Swan Bird Sanctuary (Yedikır Dam) is at the 7th kilometre of Amasya – Suluova highway. Region is charming picnic place with beautiful nature surrounds dam lake, walking course, fish breeding establishments, social facilities of DSİ and common amateur fishery at lake. Dam lake began to protection place for birds, there are more than 34 species of birds like; swan, wild goose, wild duck, angut, cormorant and heron, etc., lives at lake;.

Borabay Lake : Borabay Lake By turning left at the 44th kilometre of Amasya – Taşova highway, you will be get in Taşova – Samsun highway, again turning left at the 14th kilometre of Taşova – Samsun highway you can reach a wonder of nature Borabay Lake. Borabay Lake and surroundings declared as tourism centre.

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