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Hazeranlar Mansion : Hazeranlar mansion is the most beautiful mansion at Yalı boyu (across the waterside residence) houses series. Mansion is one of the most elegant civil architecture samples of Ottoman period. Mansion built by Defterdar Hasan Talat Efendi for the name of his sister Hazeran Hanım at the year of 1872. Other gate is connected to Hatuniye mosque courtyard. Double shuttered males greeting hall gate opens to an area with low ceiling. There are four rooms at each corners and liwan of centre hall take place between the rooms. There are unadorned stairs with banister connects the east liwans to the entrance floor. Living rooms and bedrooms, court, coffee room, room with oven, parents and males greeting hall rooms and also toilet take place at the storey around the center hall.

Castles, Rock Tombs

Amasya Castle : It is situated on the steep cliff known as Harşene Mountains, located to the north of Yeşilırmak. The castle has four gates named "Belkıs", "Saray", "Maydonos" and "Meydan"; a water well named “Cilanbolu”, a cistern, and dungeons. An underground path, including stairs to Yeşilırmak river and kings’ grave sites 70 meters below, a tower, and ruins of a mosque are places you should stop by and see. Also, to the south of the castle, are the ruins of Kızlar Sarayı which was used by the Ottomans.

King Tombs : These 5 tombs, made by carving the wall-like limestone on the outskirts of Amasya Castle, offer a unique sight with their structure and location. The tombs, which were separated from the main limestone by carving out the pieces around them, are connected to each other and the main limestone with stairs. There are 18 tombs, varying in size, within the valley. According to the information given by the famous geographer Strabo (BC 63 - AD 5), who was born in Amasya, these tombs belong to Pontus kings.

Aynalı Cave (Rock Tomb) : Aynalı Cave (Rock Tomb) is approximately three kilometres away from city centre, and on the way of Ziyaret district which way separated to the right from surrounding high way towards Samsun. It is the best – decorated and completed tomb among other King Rock Tombs. At the vault section there are 6 pictures on each right and left walls, which figure out 12 disciple. And there are some figures that include men and women on the west and east walls, although there is a composition figure contains the Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Disciple on east wall.
Tonoz kısmında 6'sı sağda, 6'sı solda olmak üzere 12 havari tasviri ile kuzey ve güney duvarlarında bir takım kadınlı erkekli figürler, doğu cephesinde ise İsa, Meryem ve Yoannes'ten oluşan bir kompozisyon bulunmaktadır.

Farhad Water Canal : The canal, which was built as an answer to the city’s water needs in the Helenistic Era, is approximately 75 cm wide and 18 km long. According to the commonly known legend, this canal was built by Farhad, who digged through mountains to reach his love, Sirin.

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